Meliteion Hotel

In the picturesque village Aspraggeloi, 30 km. From Ioannina, which is the first of the villages of Zagoria and base for visitors because of its geographical position, you can find for your residence the hotel 'Melition ".

Entering the hotel, you will immediately feel the friendly and gracious feeling inspires every corner. It is made with standard old Zagoria stone mansions, based on the architectural tradition of Zagoria.

Not only that is built in the image and omeiosi old masonry Zagoritis mansions .... is the impressive and simultaneously warm atmosphere created by the colorful ceilings, wooden floors and traditional furnishings .... are unique pleasures offered relaxation by the fireplace along with a traditional wine, tsipouro, some Zagori pies .... is the intimacy you feel in the classic dining room where you can taste traditional dishes from start to your day ....

Are many and innumerable, anyway, the reasons why when in Melition will feel that you have traveled far away ... in another era, when hospitality was not standardized, the service was personal and the environment and megaloprpes while friendly, in Melition moreover, everything will make you feel at - your mountain - house.

The Melition has 10 rooms, 4 of which have fireplaces, all have central heating, TV, bathroom, mini bar, bathroom accessories.As the rooms as well as the public areas everything conspiring to transport you to another era ....

44007 Aspraggeloi Zagori Ioannina Epirus Greece

Phone: 2653022659

Phone: 2653071340