Zagori Philoxenia Hotel

At "Zagori Philoxenia Hotel" you will find:

  • luxurious clean rooms
  • ample, tastefully furnished lobby
  • clean, traditional restaurant
  • cosy, culturally-oriented library-living room
  • in-door and out-door recreation and relaxation areas
  • In the lobby of the main building and the library-living room of the lower one you can relax enjoying your coffee, drink or juice, "travel" reading maps, albums and books, found on tables and shelves, have fun playing board games or dancing local dances and "syrtaki" with your friends (and us , of course).

In the restaurant - breakfast room you can enjoy a rich buffet with local products and home-made delicacies (mountain tea, milk, yogurt, eggs, butter and honey, home-made bread rolls, cakes and biscuits, marmalades and sweets, traditional local dishes and pies of all kinds).

Monodendri Zagori, Ioannina PC 44007

Phone: +30 2653071040

Phone: +30 6976643344

Fax: +30 2653071049